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Harvey Star Washington is searching for new and up-coming designers, seamstresses, and tailors for a new clothing line. Contact Mr. Washington for more information.

Harvey Star Washington
February 23, 2003

It was an honor to meet you today
You are a unique individual
Gifted in so many different ways
You bring the sunshine into gloomy lonely days
To the “full-figured” that many consider castaways.

You gave us back our self-confidence
And made it at an affordable expense
By tastefully designing elegant fashions
Carefully created in love and compassion
Thank you for being obedient to your call
Thank you for a gift in which you give your all.

You have embarked on a journey that is less traveled
That has forever touched, change, and
richly blessed many lives forever.

For so many of us, who feel unattractive
And possess low self-esteem
You bring a unique style of class
Of sophistication, elegance, and glamour
You have empowered us to feel good and know
Yes, we are full-figured, strong, beautiful, and bold
We are proud and we do have goals
We can’t listen to those so-called friends
Because we do have many gifts
But we must look within.

As I strut down the runway with so many others
I consider it an honor and pleasure
To model “Your” creative designs and
beautiful fashions.

Thank you for affording me
The opportunity of a lifetime
Clothing me in garments of warmth and beauty
You have made my dream become a reality.

We know that all things are possible
If you believe, you can achieve
“ Harvey Star Washington”
You are a ministry to so many in need.

Thank you for putting your vision into action
Thank you for creating elegant and beautiful
Full-figured fashions.

By J.A. Gaskew

Copyright February 23, 2003. All Rights Reserved

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