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Harvey Star Washington is searching for new and up-coming designers, seamstresses, and tailors for a new clothing line. Contact Mr. Washington for more information.

These are some of Harvey Star Washington’s Testimonials from past and current models, celebrities, family members, friends and organizations.

…I was a model for the fashion show (Congressional Black Caucus Spouses Fashion Show) and I was highly impressed by his exceptional organizational skills, creativity, enthusiasm, and artistic coordination.
James Gordon, Model

On behalf of the Hospital for Sick Children and the many children we serve, I would like to extend my congratulations and greetings to you and the one-hundred children participating in the Children of the World Fashion Show. We wish you great success in your endeavors. . . . From the stars of the Hospital for Sick Children – our young patients, to the children in the “Parade of Stars,” we thank you so very much for your support and your caring.
Sally J. Smith, CFRE
Hospital for Sick Children, Director, Development and Community Relations

Much luck to you and your team of Experts …
Jennifer Holliday, Recording Artist

I, personally, find it so gratifying to know that we have friends who have a deep concern for those less fortunate than ourselves. When, special people, like you, find the time and exhibit the effort to help our children, our hearts are filled with joy. Please be assured that we will remember this very kind gesture with love and gratitude.
Antoinette E. Gardner, Chief Volunteer Services Office
Government of the District of Columbia, Department of Human Services

… to grow from every experience life brings your way I see your courage. You used it and believed in all of your La Tour de Couture Divas your compassion giving everyone a fair chance your integrity and your strength. I believe in your goodness. I believe in you!!! Words cannot express the many thanks that I give to you and your staff in my breakthrough from “Sneaker Queen” of many colors and styles to a gorgeous Jersey Diva who will now put away the sneakers of many colors except for work and walk the walk without words and everyone will know I’m now a Diva for life! Once again, thank you … God Bless … and good luck on all future endeavors!

Diva on the Rise, Model

He has an outstanding and outgoing personality. He is a compassionate, cordial, delightful, and jovial person. . . . Harvey has worked tirelessly in this Community. He has sacrificed his time, finances and talents to help those less fortunate. He goes out of his way to bring joy and laughter into the hearts of others.
Thelma L. Nelson, Owner/Manager
Magic Fingers Hair Designers, Inc.

… you did a wonderful job today and this weekend was fantastic. … I appreciate all you do for me and don’t ever think that I have forgotten. Me and the girls want to see you go places and we are here to be your safety net because we are not going to let you fall. Keep ya head up and tell the Devil that he can’t have your life!!! I love you, the girls love you, and certainly God loves you!
LaShell Staples, Model

This present has been blessed, so put it in your home – in a place where you want the gentle light of love to shine. Thanks for opening your world and sharing your joy with others! I wish you all success. Bless you – always.
Debra Carroll

You are fabulous and very talented.
Award Winning Actress

You are very professional. I really enjoyed your show.
Jennifer Holliday
Tony Award Winning Actress and Singer

Mr. Washington, a self made internationally acclaimed Producer.
Robin Givhan
Fashion Writer, The Washington Post

Your clothes are fabulous.
Frenchie Davis
American Idol Finalist & Broadway Diva

You are one of the best in the business and you know your work.
Emmy Award Winning Hair Designer

The audience was very impressed with Harvey’s unique style and creativity. His high level of energy and enthusiasm was contagious and left the audience totally captivated.
Sareena J. Williams, Vice President
Women In M.O.T.I.O.N., Inc.

I commend Mr. Washington on his production of a widely successful fashion Show. The feedback received from some members of the audience was overwhelming positive, with many saying that it was the best production to date. . . . Mr. Washington’s level of professionalism is noteworthy. He maintained his focus for the duration of the planning and execution of the event. . . . and “I” highly recommend him for future endeavors.
Quentin R. Lawson, Executive Director
Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Inc.

I must say that this years was the best! We owe this success to our new producer Harvey “Star” Washington. He is truly a star and has made us very proud. He’s also put our annual show back on the map. We have had calls from all over the United States to congratulate us. . . . Mr. Washington is a professional, dedicated, high energy individual with lots of charm and personality. He also works very well under pressure.
Robin M. Tucker, Co-chair
Congressional Black Caucus Spouses

. . . I had to write to comment on the fantabulous job that was done in presenting this event. . . . I am told that this was the first time that Mr. Harvey Washington produced this show, and he should be lauded for his imagination and professionalism. I must say that this show could conceivably have been produced on Broadway. I felt very proud of being Black and a part of this vast array of talent.
Eddye Elijah

The show itself was put together like a Broadway Production and could have easily been one of the Fashion Shows in Paris. And the organization behind the scenes was calm and orderly and the staff could not have been better. . . . Thanks again for bringing back the zing to the Black Caucus Fashion Show and bringing Harvey Star Washington on board. He was superb.
Charissa Craig, Model
Congressional Black Caucus Fashion Show

I’m compelled to document my observance of fashion quality, and dramatical excellence with stage, dance, and run-way coordinations by a native Washingtonian, Mr. Harvey Star Washington. Mr. Washington’s leadership as Producer of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Fashion Show reset the level of excitement long-missed as Broadway dazzled the highlighted star stage scenery, appearances of appropriate dance and acting skits arouse, glamour of various size and shaped International male and female models flared, and unique run-way of fashion designs captivated and maintained attention from the audience. Also, the music chosen properly accommodated on transition of fashion designs into another.
Ms. Gloria J. Hightower, Co-Founder & Acting President
Friends of Carter Baron Cultural Arts Society, Inc.

I keep you and your staff in my prayers. Your dream is possible. Keep striving till you reach your goal. Thank you for caring, and giving the full figure women a chance. And don’t worry . . . the show will be a great success. I haven’t known you long, but I hope we remain friends for a long time. I know it isn’t easy for you, but you are a rare jewel. Keep shining your positive light on the world and be the “STAR” that you are. Stay humble and true to God and go as far as you can. Bless you!
Debra Carroll

I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity that you have given me. I have had such a wonderful time being a part of La Tour de Couture. I feel so blessed to have met you. Your presence brightens any rooms and people feel good when they are around you. You could be working with any size model, thank you for choosing plus-sized women. Your fashions are out of this world!!! We love you, your style, your beautiful skin, and your wonderful designs more than you will ever know. It breaks my heart to see you cry because you mean so much to so many people. I just can’t thank you enough!!! I’ll definitely be back next year!!! I love you !!!
Mica DeSheilds

Thank you for this chance. You have helped me more than you know. I love you.

Thank you, for the first time in my life I feel beautiful.

Thanks for the encouragement and understanding.
God bless,


I just wanted to express my gratitude to you again for the whole experience of being a part of your fabulous production. I really enjoyed myself. This is something that I will never forget and I’ll cherish this moment for the rest of my life.

Etta Maria Nelson

It’s good to know that our vibe is still the same mutual fondness, happy and positive. It was a joy to hear your success, you’ve worked hard for it, you’re highly gifted and most importantly you deserve it.
Always live in the spirit,

Andrea Taliaferro

Silver and gold, I have none. But the love I have, I will give it to you.
Always and forever,

your mother Estelle

Just keep looking up. God is with you.
Peace and victory,

your mother Estelle

What can I say, this has been the most fulfilling experience for me. Thank you for tapping into the Diva within. I appreciate your talent. Keep creating, keep giving, I’ll see you in Paris.

Judge Lori Shurelds

Thank you for allowing Cyora’s to be a part of The Grand Tour.

Cynthia Goolsby

May it be the beginning of a perfect year too, which all of the dreams that you’re dreaming come true in everything you hope or do. I will encourage and believe in you, my big star Harvey. God said I will rise up and then they will obey.
Your mother,


Best wishes and keep the faith. Thanks.

Hi Mr. Washington thank you for a fabulous opportunity for being a beautiful model in your Philadelphia production. I can’t wait for next years. Thank you again.
Felecia Brown

Thank you very much for giving me an opportunity to work with you and for believing in me.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for selecting me as one of your models. It’s an opportunity of a lifetime. I’ve always wanted to do it but felt that with my experience I wouldn’t never thought of my shy bashful nature. You are such an inspiration to me. Thank you again.
Felecia Williams

Mr. Washington you are an Icon.

Lorna Kirlew

Mr. Washington you are a Diva.

Demaris Wooten

I hope to be admired one day. Just like you.
Love always,

Felecia Hyson

Thank you and keep up the good work. God bless.
Nicole M.

You are a ruby to the fashion industry and a diamond to our family.
Love, your sis,


Thank you for the opportunity. I am honored to be a part of your fashion show.
Sincerely yours,

Boris Kodjo, Actor/Model

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